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The traveling exhibit Disassemblings, Re/appropriations & Intrusions, is presented as a "mobile lab" that seeks to redefine the art on the Internet practices.

In the exhibit participate creators from all over the world with a selection characterized by the  incorporation of a large numbers of Spanish and Latin American artists.

Following and complementing the role of diffusion and conservation that has NETescopio, the MEIAC's archive of digital works, the goal of the exhibition will be to give greater visibility to the net art productions, which, because of their intangible nature and sometimes because of their mediated access, have not had enough presence in museums, cultural centers and other institutions of the art circuit.

Displaying the works is not the only intention of this show. This, the public can do through their own computer. The main aim of NETescopio is to underline and make visible processes and trends.

Facing the challenge of exhibiting this particular type of work -intangible, open, interactive or variable- , our goal is not only the exhibition per se, but also the promotion of documentation, contextualization and instauration of the reflection and debate on current artistic practices on Internet.

Reflecting the dynamic nature of the medium and the steady growth of NETescopio archive, this tour is presented as a work in progress and a laboratory of ideas. At each "node" of the exhibition will be panel discussions, an open space for exchange and reflection and live presentations, with the participation of different artists and theoreticians, both locals and internationals.

This project developed by the MEIAC since 2008, is an on-line archive in constant development, designed to preserve works of art generated for the web.
The museum's server functions as a back-up and stores mirror copies of net art works which are on-line on their creators' sites and also of those which, for different reasons, are no longer available.
It was gathering works by Spanish as well as international artists. At the end of 2011, there were about 120 pieces included in the archive.

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Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
Contact person:
Andrea Buchner, Coordinator

Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (MEIAC)
Contact person:
José Ángel Torres, Conservator

Gustavo Romano