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Ivan Abreu

The artist and programmer was born in Havana, Cuba, and now lives in Mexico City. He regards artistic forms as a means to research emerging trends whose purpose is to produce meaning and new aesthetic identities. His work is a study in frontiers which dilute the limits between art and technology. He articulates his craft through software art, interactive exhibits, photographs, documents, art media and discursive practices, among others.
His works have been shown at numerous international exhibits like the Ludwig Foundation in Cuba, the University of Québec, Montreal, the National Museum of Stockholm, the Wilfredo Lam Center, the Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico, the Xteresa Arte Actual, Mexico, and the Alameda Art Center, among others.

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ASML (Art Statement Markup Language) is a hybrid arrangement of art software and documentation on curatorial discourses. Based on programming languages that use tags, Abr...
Ivan Abreu

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