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Member of the OVNI Archives since 1994. Between 1994 and 1996, he worked on the media interruption (or continuity) series MAP (Mega Assemble Project), Fondation Zero and Serial Monuments, in 1995-97 on the Oigo Rom Project, later in '98 he got involved in the Archivos Presidente. In 1999 he worked once more on entertainment software and started on the serial projects retroyou (RC) and retroyou (nostalG), and the long, still ongoing series, retroyou nostalg2, as well as the indefinitely postponed Boot Profundo. Other collective projects over those years were Velvet Strike with Brody Condon and Anne-Marie Schleiner, and the Archivos Babilonia with Abu Ali. His works have been shown at various exhibits and festivals, such as the Laboral Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Gijón (2007); the Whitney Biennale (2004); the American Museum of the Moving Image, New York (2003); Ars Electronica, Linz (2003); Centre George Pompidou, Paris (2000); Triennale, Milan (1999).

Iron Bird 2nd Layer | Juego intervenido. Ví­deo.

Leandre se vale de las nuevas estéticas que emanan de lo digital -con indiferencia a las capacidad de percepción humana-, los nuevos paisajes, escenarios...
Joan Leandre

Retro You R/C | Hacked video game.

The closed, canned and apparently unyielding codes double as challenging targets in acts of sabotage. Like the one carried out by Joan Leandre in his work RetroYou R/C...
Joan Leandre


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