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He is an artist who works in a variety of media including actions, video, installations, web projects.
He has participated in the VII Havana Biennial, the I Singapore Biennale, the I Biennial of Lima, the II Biennial of Porto Alegre, Brazil, the I Biennial of the End of the World, Ushuaia, Argentina, Videonale 11, Bonn, Madrid Abierto 2010, Spain.
His works has been exhibited in the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Telefonica Foundation, Madrid; the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo; IFA Gallery, Bonn, Stuttgart and Berlin; Massachusetts College of Arts, Boston; Cervantes Institute, Vienna, New York and Beijing.
He has had solo exhibitions at the MEIAC, Badajoz, Spain, Museo Tamayo, México, Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, the Ruth Benzacar gallery, the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires , among others.
He also has participated in several new media festivals, Transitio MX 2007, Mexico; Transmediale 2003, Berlin; Videobrasil 2005 and FILE 2001, Sao Paulo; Interferences 2000, Montbéliard; Ars Electronica 1997, Vienna.
Since 1996 he has been one of the directors of the virtual space "Fin del Mundo" (The End of the World), which provides a platform for the circulation of net art projects. He was the director of the Medialab and the curator of the Virtual Space of the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires.
He has won the Vida 7.0 Incentive for investigation, Telefonica Foundation, Spain; the First Prize in Buenos Aires Video XII, the prize of the Argentine Art Critics Association, among others.
On 2006 he won the Guggenheim Fellowship.

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Gustavo Romano

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Gustavo Romano


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