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Her field of interest centers around the creation of situations or contexts which alter the traditional relationship between artist, work and spectator. Her numerous solo exhibits include: forever at the Frac Lorraine, France, 2004; Luz intolerable & La Esfinge at the Patio Herreriano Museum, Valladolid, 2004; The Kingdom at the Macba, Barcelona, 2003; The Breathing Lesson at the Juan Mot Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, 2002; Tow Mirrors, Ellen de Bruyne Projects, Amsterdam, 2001; Sleep (Close Up) Proyect Room at the Arco, Madrid, 2000. She has participated in various festivals, such as the Skulptur Projekt in Münster, 2007, Rotterdam Film Festival, 2004; Monocanal, Reina Sofía National Museum, 2003. She has done individual projects at the Reina Sofía National Museum, the FRAC, Bourgogne, France, and the MUSAC, León, Spain.

Heartbeat | Proyecto online

Como en otros de sus trabajos, la artista nos habla de sociedades paralelas, de códigos compartidos y de la obsesión como método de aproximaci&oac...
Dora GarcĂ­a

Insertos en Tiempo Real | Website. Action. Installation.

Text by Dora García introducing the piece:
The name "Insertos en tiempo real" (Insertions in real time) conveys this project's intention of interrupti...
Dora GarcĂ­a

The Tunnel People | Website. Action. Installation.

The Tunnel People project was originally created for the "Metro>Polis" expo, and was developed along two lines, one involving hypertext with a multi-threaded storyl...
Dora GarcĂ­a


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