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Internationally known for his mechatronic performances and robotic installations. Antúnez's work is characterized by an interest in the whys of man's desires. First from the performing ensemble La Fura dels Baus, and later on his own through works that propose complex systems and which often become unclassifiable hybrids. In 1994, he performed EPIZOO, in which for the first time the performer's body movements were controlled by the spectator. His works have been shown at international exhibits like the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid, the P.A.C. in Milan, the Liue Unique in Nantes, the I.C.A. in London, the SOU Kapelica in Ljubljana, the Cena Contemporânea in Rio de Janeiro, the MACBA in Barcelona, the DOM Cultural Center in Moscow and the DAF in Tokyo, among others.

Afalud | Video game.

In the piece Afalud, Marcel.lí Antúnez presents the interactive version of his character from Afasia. The word "afasia" (aphasia) refers to an inability ...
Marcelí­ AntĂșnez


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