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Artist, musician and curator. He started his career in photography, founding the Immediate Photography Group in 1988. In the 90s, his interest shifted from photography to the Internet, and in 1994 he founded Moscow WWWArt Center, a project which also involved artists from London and Slovenia. In 1997, Shulgin launched the virtual competition and exhibit Form Art, and he created the web site Easy Life, where he would exhibit many of his own works. In 1998 he started the 386 DX project, a cyberpunk rock band consisting of a 386 computer playing a voice and midi synthesizer, and Shulgin himself, and which toured internationally for several years. In 2002 he started the annual art software festival Read Me, which was held on three occasions. In 2005 he launched the Electroboutique website, a sort of virtual media art sales gallery.

ABC | Online project.

ABC is presented as a minimalist mélange of an encyclopedia full of risky content and a portal designed with air-tight meticulousness.
In this piece, one ...
Alexei Shulgin

SEEFREE | Website

¿Y si pudiéramos silenciar ese bombardeo de demandas de consumo que nos dirigen los anuncios publicitarios? ¿Si pudiéramos ignorar esa cons...
Alexei Shulgin


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