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Amy Alexander is a performance, video, and new media artist who has worked in cinema, video, music and digital media. Her work focuses on popular culture, and has been exhibited on the Internet, in clubs, and in the streets, as well as at festivals and in galleries. She is an Associate Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California in San Diego. She was a pioneer in the development of software-based net art, beginning with her award-winning Multi-Cultural Recycler.

Multi-Cultural Recycler | Website.

Started at the time when web cameras began to proliferate worldwide, the Multi-Cultural Recycler invites the public to take part in a voyeurism which is no longer mere...
Amy Alexander

Reamweaver | Software.

As advertised, this piece of software created by Amy Alexander, The Yes Men, and Steev Hise features all you need to instantly replicate any website at home, maintaini...
Amy Alexander
The Yes Men
Steev Hise


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