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Artist, mathematician and researcher in art, science and display spaces. He explores the construction of common areas for various fields of knowledge. He also works with various communication, creation, expression, dissemination and representation techniques, in which he combines narration, digital spaces and the architectural and display space. He is actively involved as a teacher of seminars and workshops in Europe and Latin America. He co-founded the digital art and culture magazine Blank. He is part of the project development team at MediaLabMadrid and collaborator at the Multimedia Center of the National Arts Center in Mexico. His work has been shown at countless festivals and exhibits like the Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijón, FILE 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, MEIAC in Badajoz, Video Lisboa, Ars Electronica, MediaLab Madrid, among others.

Bacterias argentinas | Online project.

As Santiago Ortiz himself describes it, "Bacterias Argentinas [Argentinean Bacteria] is a dynamic model of autonomous agents that recombine genetic information by eati...
Santiago Ortiz

La esfera de las relaciones | Online project.

What is the relationship between air and a padlock? Between a dictionary and the Milky Way?
Santiago Ortiz poses these and thousands of similar questions through...
Santiago Ortiz


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