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Paolo Pedercini was born in Italy in 1981, and currently lives in Troy, New York. An artist, game designer and expert in new media, he is the founder of Molleindustria. This radical design and development studio looks to reappropriate videogames as a popular form of mass communication. His objective is to research the persuasive potential of media to subvert the main clichés in videogames, and have some fun in the process.

Netparade | Plataforma online

Molleindustria es una "empresa" desarrolladora de software, que desde la ironía, utiliza los mecanismos de los juegos online para introducir una crítica ...
Paolo Pedercini

Welcome to the desert of the real | Video.

For this work Paolo Pedercini uses the software America's Army, a videogame for the recruitment of soldiers developed by the US Defense Department, radically chan...
Paolo Pedercini


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