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Stanza is a British artist based in London who specializes in interactive art, net spaces, installations, and performance. He has been invited to present his projects at digital festivals worldwide. His work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennial, the Tate Britain, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Mundo Urbano in Madrid, the New Forest Pavilion Artsway, the Haifa Museum in Israel, and the Novosibirsk Festival Exhibition. Since 1997 his works have been exhibited on his website.

Genomixer Version 097 | Online project.

This version belongs to the Genomixer series in which the artist's own decoded DNA information was re-combined and converted into images and sounds, as well as si...

The re-configuration variations | Generative paintings.

For this series of works, which Stanza calls generative paintings, the artist uses software which automatically combines and alters various masterpieces in real time w...

Urban Rhythms | Online project.

Stanza once again uses his algorithms for image processing, this time on a grid made up of the signals of traffic cameras in the city of Madrid. The process takes plac...


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