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Daniel Jacoby graduated from the University of Barcelona having studied Fine Arts at the
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima. His works have been exhibited at the Santa Mónica Arts Centre in Barcelona, the 15th Biennial of Contemporary Catalan Art in Barcelona, L'Aparador de Mollet, the Amposta Art Biennial (Exhibition no. 2 (Art Jove room), and Loop '08 (Auditori Hotel Catalonia Ramblas). Jacoby has also exhibited his work in Lima, Bogota, Correggio, Sardinia, and Andorra. Prizes he has been awarded include: the Premio Injuve for Young Creation, the Bienal de Artes Visuales de Burriana prize, the Miquel Casablancas Prize, and the Movistar Proyecciones en el Espacio Prize. He was also awarded a grant by the Fundación Guasch Coranty.

Excerpt from President Hugo Chavez's speech, on December 3rd, 2007, in alphabetical order | Video.

This video by Daniel Jacoby has been created using the first ten minutes of a speech by Hugo Chávez as its base. The speech has been split into sections, word b...
Daniel Jacoby

The Impersonal Artwork | Internet action.

10,800 users willingly took part in the creation of a new artwork. Each was invited to choose the colour of a pixel from a palette of 21 basic colours, and sign it wit...
Daniel Jacoby

Times New Roman characters in order of occupied area | Video.

As in his work Excerpt from President Hugo Chavez's speech, Jacoby creates a tension between two methods of ordering, and presents us with a new vision correspond...
Daniel Jacoby


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