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Iván Marino lives and works in Barcelona. He studied film and video art in Argentina, and won grants from the Rockefeller, MacArthur, and Antorcha Foundations, along with awards in several international festival (Hanover Up-and-coming International Film Festival, 1997: Videobrasil, 1998; Forum Vídeo Belo Horizonte 1995 in Brazil, etc. He has produced works for the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), at the UDK / Filminstitut in Berlin; ZKM Art and New Media Centre at Karlsruhe, Germany), the KHM Media Art Academy in Cologne, Germany; and MECAD, in Barcelona, Spain.
His work is shown at the main European art fairs (ARCO, Art Cologne, Art Brussels) and can be found in museum collections and international art festivals.

Pn=! | Generative Audiovisual Piece

"Pn=!" belongs to the series "The Disasters" which proposes a critical reflection on the ways the violence or war is portrayed in films and by mass media.
In thi...
Iván Marino


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