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Evru lives and works in Barcelona. In 1968, the artist Albert Porta transformed himself into "Zush" while founding a country called the Evrugo Mental State, with its own alphabet, currency, and flag. At the dawn of the new century he transformed himself into Evru.
In 1975, with a grant from the Juan March foundation, he studied he studied holography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. In the 1980s he began to apply digital technology to his work, based on his own concept, which he called "PsicoManualDigital"
His work has been shown at Documenta VI in Kassel (1977), New Images from Spain, (1980), and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, and in the "Les magiciens de la terre" show (1989) at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, among many other venues.
He has had major retrospectives, such as that held in the Today Art Museum in Beijing (2007), Shanghai DuoLun MoMA (2007), NUS NX Gallery, Singapore, the MACBA, Barcelona (2001), and the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (2000)
In 2001 he received the City of Barcelona Award for two retrospectives, "Zush. La Campanada", MNCARS (2000) and "Zush-Tecura", MACBA (2000-2001).

In 1999 he won the Laus award from his first CD-ROM, PsicoManualDigital. His works can be found in the collection of New York's MOMA and Guggenheim museums, Barcelona's MACBA, and MNAC; Madrid's Reina Sofía; Valencia's IVAM; and the Centre Pompidou and the Cartier Foundation in Paris.

Vrubri's Cultivuum | Soundtoy

Vrubri's Cultivuum is the fruit of collaboration between Evru in Barcelona and Brian Mackern in Montevideo), in which Evru supplies the images and Mackern the pro...
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