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César Escudero Andaluz (Ph.D. Candidate) is an artist and researcher focused on Human-Computer Interaction, interface criticism, digital culture and its social and political effects. His work spans image-making, sculpture, videogame, installation, networked culture, IoT, robotics, interfaces appropriations, media archaeology. Since 2011 he has been researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz in Interface Culture LAB.

Economy, Knowledge and Surveillance in the Age of the Cryptocene | Infographics

Today, knowledge has been put at the service of production. Big Data is the great source of resources for technology companies, the gold of the 21st century.  Thi...
César Escudero Andaluz
Martín Nadal

F.U.C.K.- ID. Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence | 3D model for printing

Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence is a stand-alone device capable of cutting undersea Internet cables. It is available for free download in .stl files, fo...
César Escudero Andaluz


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