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Martin Nadal (BSc) is an artist/creative coder based in Linz and studying the Interface Cultures program at KunstUni. In the past years he has collaborated in a variety of projects and taught some workshops related to art and technology. He is also interested in illustration and cinematography. His works have been shown at Visualizar 11 (Medialab Prado), Ars Electronica, AMRO Festival y Settimana della Scienza (Genova). IAMAS (jp). ZKM (de).

Economy, Knowledge and Surveillance in the Age of the Cryptocene | Infographics

Today, knowledge has been put at the service of production. Big Data is the great source of resources for technology companies, the gold of the 21st century.  Thi...
César Escudero Andaluz
Martí­n Nadal

The Next Coin | Cryptocurrency generator

The Next Coin is constantly creating new cryptocurrencies. In the installation format, if the viewer presses a button, they will become the owner of that new coin, rec...
Martí­n Nadal


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