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The Quixote
Online project.
Eduardo Navas

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This web project is based primarily on the brief essay by Jorge Luis Borges, Pierre Menard: autor del Quijote. Using this fiction essay, in which Borges proposes not only the validity of the re-write, but also the impossibility of the existence of the true original, Navas establishes a comparison between the possibilities of the hypertext and Borges's narrative mechanisms, involving the reader-user in the task of reinterpreting the texts.
Navas also seems to give the reader-user the task of reconsidering the traditional book format, where pages are presented fragmented and unstable. He achieves this both through the use of formal and visual HTML characteristics, and by the superposition of layers, of text over images, the appearance of pop-ups with mixed versions in English and Spanish, and by the addition of external links and third-party content which force an active and reconstructive reading.



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