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ABC is presented as a minimalist mélange of an encyclopedia full of risky content and a portal designed with air-tight meticulousness.
In this piece, one of his first for the Internet, Shulgin draws our attention to one of the clichés of web art, the domain name, the URL. The user, once he manages to wrestle control of the pages, which seem to have a mind of their own, accesses a series of links which might at first glance be mistaken for an exercise in concrete poetry: "aaa", "vvv", "zzz", triads that launch us to their counterparts www.aaa.com, www.vvv.com or www.zzz.com, and so on with each of the letters.
From the website for the American Automobile Association we go to the Better Business Bureau, Central Christian Church, Dynamic Digital Depth, before arriving, much later, at the predictable content of more famous triads such as WWW or XXX. In this way, the experience proposed by Shulgin will resemble that of a stroller whose itinerary, controlled by external rules as arbitrary as following a street map in alphabetical order, is transformed into a surprising diversion and, at the same time, into a metaphor for normal Internet browsing habits.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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