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This work is defined within the experiments with the medium and with the formal and functional aspect of HTML, browsers and navigation. Metablink makes use of a couple of prominent features in the "new" versions of browsers at the time and which were overused by users-designers back then. We are referring to frames and to blinking. With an obvious dearth of resources, Vuk Cosic built a website without text and with practically no images, only 1 pixel, which blinks hypnotically from black to white, submerging us in a pure digital experience in which we are connected far beyond the intercession of the image or word.
In addition to this call to observe the forms that go beyond content, Metablink offers a satiric commentary on interactivity, a theme that was also central, though little debated, in those formative years. Interactivity limited to moving a scroll bar if only to give a feeling of control.



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