:// work in NETescopio:

As Giselle Beiguelman herself explains in the presentation of her work, the site is recycled, meaning none of its pages are original. Nor are the objects included in them. All were found, some bought, but all were created for other purposes. They are all second hand goods, as Beiguelman wanted to emphasize by leaving each author's signature in the scripts and applets used.
And that raises a question for which there is no definitive answer: How to know if something in the digital domain is recycled? How to know whether it is a second-, first- or third-hand good? And then again, does recycling objects imply recycling the message? Does the original message exist or is each message the product of a recombination of messages?
In any case, for the user the experience resembles a collection of ready-made digitals, or becomes a déjà vu of past browsing sessions.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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