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Diary of a Star
Eduardo Navas

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The Diary of a Star is based on the words in Andy Warhol's diaries. Navas points out that Warhol wrote his diaries in much the same way as blogs are written today, with the knowledge that his personal writings would become public sooner or later.
The project, which Navas has been working on since 2004, consists of putting Andy Warhol's diaries on line and, at the same time, to make a meta-diary out of them, with comments on each entry. This meta-diary is signed by one "Meta-dandy", a character Navas uses to play the speaking role of a Baudelaire doppelganger, identifying the modern flaneur both with the reader of Warhol's diaries and with a web surfer.
As in other works by Navas, we can see the theory that lies behind the artist, and consider this piece as a critical essay in which he analyzes the enunciative differences between modern and post-modern subjects.



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