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Armed Citizen presents a series of photographs of weapons in a gallery format that the user can view sequentially, one by one, almost like a photolog without captions. Nothing is said about their origin or owners, about whether they are criminal evidence or arms used in murders. Nor does he enlighten us on the identity of the armed citizens referred to in the title. We don't know whether he is talking about the police or groups of civilians who have taken up arms.
What is safe to assume is that there is a vague feeling of fear and threat at play, a feeling that is reinforced by the lack of information. Each mouse click is like a new shot.
The rows of weapons remind us a police line-up in which we have to imagine their bearers without being able to see their faces. Citizens who shamelessly display their pistols and revolvers, putting themselves in a place of power where it no longer matters whether they are within or outside the law, within or outside society.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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