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Insertos en Tiempo Real
Website. Action. Installation.
Dora Garc铆a

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Text by Dora García introducing the piece:
The name "Insertos en tiempo real" (Insertions in real time) conveys this project's intention of interrupting, displacing, questioning and deforming real situations in real time. All the insertions are done by actors (actors in the sense that they perform by following specific instructions) and can work in different contexts, not necessarily artistic or expositional.
Two questions are at the heart of this piece: the question of the "duration" of a work of art (if a performance lasted a lifetime, how could we draw a dividing line between art and life?); and the question of behavior patterns that are adopted when perceiving works of art (Isn't it true that we are witnessing a growing non-differentiation between the roles of the artist, the audience and the work of art? Can these conducts be completely interchanged?)
The documentation for this piece also requires a slight readjustment of the notion of documentation. First, the event extends in time in such a way that there is never a special moment that represents the totality of the action. Second, the action is so restrained that the act of documenting (photograph, film) would completely obstruct the action of the performance. What to photograph then? All or nothing. A choice must be made between a surveillance camera or nothing at all. Maybe the narration of the event is the best documentation (and could even become the final work itself, as might happen with this site).



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