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The web comes across as a space of virtual interchange where we are free to move around, but also as a space for disputes, like a fleeting stage for arguments, constructions, fights and consecrations. Where hundreds of battles and attacks have taken place, like that infamous first hacker war in 1991 (The Great Hacker War) before the WWW and with now obsolete technology, whose only traces are found in the writings of some war cyber-correspondent.
Within the arena of net art and near these digital feuds we find infomera.net, a name that emerged from the words information and ephemeral, and which comprised a set of performances in which, over the course of seven encounters lasting 48 hours, two online artists, in a digital faceoff, without rules and in real time, freely modified the content of the page, whose make-up and outcome were a constant unknown, each instant unique and unrepeatable.
The Infomera battles did not seek to destroy the rival (unlike the hacker battles waged between the USA and China in 2001 or Chile and Peru in 2005), but rather show off their skills in the use of software applied to the absurd. But these fighters, instead of using a combination of holds and kicks, mastered an arsenal of cheap java script tricks; instead of disguises and makeup, they used a battery of images recovered from a web browser's cache or a clipart CD; instead of the spoils of war, they aspired to the eternal honor of being inducted into the hall of fame for champions of the wild wild web.



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