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Declaraci贸n de artista nro 45.730.944
Young-Hae Chang

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From South Korea, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries proposes a deep musical reflection on art, Internet and culture inside the North Korean dictatorship. It does so by using one of the world's simplest and oldest ways to communicate: words. And so it is that Artist's Statement No. 45,730,944 is a witty succession of words that "strike" at the viewer in much the same way as previous works like Cunnilingus in North Korea or Rain on the sea, always to a jazz beat.
In the case of Declaration... the speed ratchets up our sense of conspiratorial paranoia. A near-hypnotic trance through which we end up agreeing with the stream of observations thrown at us by the piece. Observations on art, morality, censure, leisure, social commitment, the market, and which the accompanying narcotic jazz melody renders us unable to resist.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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