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Multi-Cultural Recycler
Amy Alexander

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Started at the time when web cameras began to proliferate worldwide, the Multi-Cultural Recycler invites the public to take part in a voyeurism which is no longer merely passive or limited to the simple exercise of watching: it is geared towards intervention, and the mixing and remixing of the material that these remote surveillance cameras send to her computer. Selecting two or three cameras at random or choosing mixes made previously by another user, the Recycler embarks on a digital processing of the images in order to offer us a final result.
This project allows us to observe a double recycling effect: one caused by the use of the cameras (which lose their surveillance function), and another related to the meaning of the image (which loses its documentary function). It is in this strange limbo produced by the random remix of geographical locations that people unknown to each other still share a destiny in cyberspace in which they collide, superimpose, and remain frozen in time.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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