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Times New Roman characters in order of occupied area
Daniel Jacoby

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As in his work Excerpt from President Hugo Chavez's speech, Jacoby creates a tension between two methods of ordering, and presents us with a new vision corresponding to the results obtained from this reordering. In this case, he takes all the characters from the Time New Roman font, and orders them according to the space occupied by each one.
While in the work based on Chávez's speech the reordering process led to a loss of meaning, in this case we could say that the ordering by size and the lack of meaning provided by an alphabetical order, presents the viewer with at least one possible interpretation. Tension grows as the symbols, at first small, gradually fill the screen. This is a narrative in which the letters have lost their function, becoming images. They have been transformed into images which no longer serve to form words. They are letters which do not know how to read or write: waiting in line, ordered from tallest to smallest, they are like pupils in a school.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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