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As part of his repertoire of fake websites and his strategy of disguising himself and appropriating the practices of famous artists, Manetas presents us with his interpretation of Joseph Kosuth's website. On entering the page, we are confronted with a simple phrase in white on a black background which tells us the opposite of what the URL would lead us to believe: "This is not a Joseph Kosuth".
Just as in Kosuth we find a reference to Magritte in the search to deconstruct the relation between the signifier and the signified which is so explicit in his famous painting Le Trahison des Images in which the words "This is not a pipe" appear beneath the image of a pipe, Manetas, appropriating the aesthetics and conceptual strategies of Kosuth, looks to question not only the relation between the visual sign, linguistic sign, and reality, but also to detach digital technology from its role of simulating reality. In the course of this act, Kosuth and Magritte are converted into unwitting Neenstars. (1)

Note: Neen is a cultural movement created by Miltos Manetas, whose name he ordered from Lexicon Branding Inc. The Neenstars are a generation of visual artists not yet defined. Some of them belong to the world of contemporary art, others are software designers, web designers, directors, or videogame animators.



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