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International Klein Blue (Google Monochromes)
Online project.
Ryan Barone

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Yves Klein said that "blue is the invisible becoming visible". Unique and perfect, IKB (International Klein Blue) is a colour developed by Klein and used in many of his famous monochromes. These characteristics of his paintings - the unique and the perfect - will become the multiple and the mutant thanks to the infinite transpositions which these paintings have suffered due to the shifts in the shade caused by the different reproduction systems used.
Using the fact that computer screens are incapable of faithfully reproducing such a special pigment as a starting point, Barone compiles the dozens of variations of Klein's monochromes circulating on the net, assisted by Google's image search function.
This unique blue from the world of painting makes us think of another unique blue in the digital world: the BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), the fatal error screen which is a feature of certain operating systems.

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