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Another impostor website created by Miltos Manetas invites us to share his own attitudes towards artistic transvestism: our mouse becomes a paintbrush, and we become Jackson Pollock All without getting dirty or having to suffer any angst - we can even start again if we are not satisfied by our "action painter" skills. We don't have to spend a penny on paint or canvas: we hardly have to expend more than a watt of electricity in the process.
Maybe this fake Pollock is not only a mere case of identity theft, but could perhaps better be described as a case of "fluid identity", a concept which seems to run parallel to the Neen movement to which Manetas belongs as a founding member. Re-reading some fragments of the Neen manifesto, we find that "Neenstars use their identities as passwords to retrieve privileged information. The identity of a Neenstar is their state of mind, and so a Neenstar can use the identity of another Neenstar if needs be. But this also works the other way round: sometimes, a Neenstar can invent the artwork of another Neenstar: this is the big difference between Neen and contemporary art."



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