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The Distorted Barbie
Online project.
Mark Napier

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Napier deals with the subject of the Barbie doll as a social icon and market phenomenon in terms of its connotations of infancy, and its social, political, and religious symbology.
In his distorted Barbies we can see variations in the style of Kate Moss, Björk, or Dolly Parton, as well as "X-Files" Barbies, "possessed" Barbies, or simply "fat and ugly" Barbies.
One of the disadvantages which were a side-effect of this project were the legal proceedings initiated by Mattel Inc., the company that manufactures the doll, which led to a series of virtual changes of address for the artist, as well as various legal pleadings, even while the project has received support and shows of solidarity throughout the art world.
The question that might be raised in response to Mattel's lawsuit might be: who can claim to own the rights to social stereotypes?

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