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In this work, the artists present us with a page in which all we can see is a typical legal text in the form of an alert about author's rights. If we look a little closer, however, we realise that in fact each of the words of the text is a link to sites which do not belong to the artists. When we click on one of these words, two more items appear containing additional information: one details the copyright of the page from which the word has been "stolen", and the other displays the text in question. The selection of these sites is not random: all are related to different perspectives on issues such as copyright, the circulation of information on the Internet, and so on.
With this ironic strategy the artists underline the absurdity of taking copyright control to extremes, especially in an environment such as the Internet, in which it is impossible for the navigator to detect the borders which separate the supposed owners of information: a page almost always hosts materials by different authors.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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A project by MEIAC
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