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Redefinición de las prácticas artí­sticas s.21 (LSA47)
Work in progress.
La Société Anonyme

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This work represents a manifesto comprising 34 points presented as an open reflection and work in progress dealing with the debate surrounding the new role of the artist as a producer in the century of digital communication.
Following this line of discussion, the manifesto is also presented as an artistic and theoretical production. The following are excerpts from the manifesto: "The question of the identity or condition of the author is a definitively worn-out concept. No one is the author: all producers are an anonymous society, we might even say the product of an anonymous society."
"There is no such thing as a ‘work of art'. There is only work and some practices which we might define as artistic. These have to do with meaningful, affective, or cultural production, and they fulfil specific roles in relation to the subjects of experience. But they have nothing to do with the production of specific objects. Rather, they are solely concerned with the public impulsion of certain circulatory effects: the effects of meaning, symbolic, intense, or emotional effects, and so on."
"Intellectual property and author's rights will become the main hobby horse in this contemporary reconsideration of relationships within production. The figures of utopian plagiarism or the syndication of authorship - whose efficacy is best exemplified today in the field of free software - are the spearheads of a great strategy as yet not deployed which will direct its politics at the generation of devices and brokers which allow the free circulation and universal access to information, permanently altering the relationship between producers and users."



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