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As advertised, this piece of software created by Amy Alexander, The Yes Men, and Steev Hise features all you need to instantly replicate any website at home, maintaining its design while allowing you to change any image or word you desire.
Various examples illustrate its potential applications: news pages such as CNN, the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organization, and the Republican National Committee, to mention just a few examples of websites which have been distorted by this software which, we would like to point out, is also free, open, and has a GNU software license. This distortion tool allows us to redress the balance between us and powerful companies or institutions. By taking advantage of the Internet, it allows David and Goliath to be on an equal footing and of the same stature. A webpage is just the same as any other webpage, and here all the huge differences which we would face were we to take on these organizations in the real world disappear.



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