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The collaboration of Ubermorgen, Paolo Cirio, and Alessandro Ludovico cannot be described as a group or formal art collective as such, although it does resemble a "band" in many ways. Their previous strike was an attempt to displace Google by reinvesting the money paid to them by Google for advertising in Google shares. In 2006 they planned a new action which targeted the largest online bookseller. The band dedicated themselves to purloining books with copyrights protected by Amazon.com, using a sophisticated technology encoded by supervillain and media hacker Paolo Cirio. They managed to gain access to all the pages of books for sale online, which allowed them to download whole publications and offer them free on their website as material in the public domain on the grounds of an economy of shared property. The result was a legal contest with Amazon.com which was followed by huge online debates on the limits of intellectual property.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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