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La esfera de las relaciones
Online project.
Santiago Ortiz

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What is the relationship between air and a padlock? Between a dictionary and the Milky Way?
Santiago Ortiz poses these and thousands of similar questions through his project La esfera de las relaciones, a flash application which allows the user to choose two words from more than a hundred which comprise the sphere, and describe the way in which they imagine that these terms are related. It is both a space for stimulation and participation, and an invitation to produce writings based on poetry and humour in the relationships produced at random.
It could be said that the exercise of relating implies placing disparate items in perspective until you find a link, a shared, common ground. At the same time, the different perspectives permit different possible links. The final result is a chance knowledge or intelligence, even a collective affectivity.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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