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Hammering The Void
Performances en Second Life
Gazira Babeli

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When we speak about virtual performances carried out in SL, we must keep in mind that this is a digital universe driven by real agents and audiences, who use the algorithm as a marionette. In Hammering The Void, the action consisted of the irruption of the artist into certain spaces, supported by her "sisters", a series of clones which moved around to attack the void, hammering and trying to strike the intangible.
This mixture of invasion and demonstration, but also, perhaps, uncontrolled procession and pilgrimage is reminiscent of the frenzied behavior of bees brandishing their stings: a chaotic behavior that we cannot understand, but which is vital for them.
This whirlwind will cause no damage, and will leave no traces. In the virtual world there are only two states: 1 and 0, on or off. But, as with many performances, traces will be left in the memory of those who witnesses this swipe across the air, this scream in the void.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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