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The Most Boring Places
Video-animation for Google Earth
Angie Waller

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"The Most Boring Places in the World" is a tour by Google Earth, whose geographic coordinates were determined by bloggers' comments, amateur journalists, or people in chat rooms.
At first glance the result might be understood as the reverse of the typical tourist route whose main purpose is to provide entertainment. Or perhaps it is a tourist route but for an alternative tourism where what is sought is not interesting places but rather the bleak plateaus of boredom.
On this route, which we could call eccentric (not central but not outlying either) we will find military bases, university campuses, small rural, fishing or desert settlements. We will visit desolation, isolation, the solitude that catapults its inhabitants to virtual communication, to the desperate message in a bottle thrown into the cyber-ocean which, thanks to Angie Waller, will be found by us, the unwary users.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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