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Wikipedia Art
Intervention in the public space, collaborative performance
Scott Kildall
Nathaniel Stern

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On the 14th of February, 2009 Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern posted a new entry in the English version of Wikipedia under the title Wikipedia Art. This entry, which anyone could edit, became a space for art, a point of collective intervention, a space for theoretical reflection on the notions of artwork and artist, but also of validation and legitimation, two concepts upon which not only Wikipedia, but the very system of art itself, are built.
Due mainly to this last problem and the paradox or logical loop involved in defining a concept -Wikipedia Art- which is being created in the precise moment that it is enunciated, challenged and modified, and at the same time has to demonstrate, by means of external references to "reliable sources", that the concept is valid and verifiable, the intervention reached a point of contradiction which led the administrators to shut down the entry for good.
The discussion began as soon as the project was cancelled and, along with the documentation of this action, it moved from Wikipedia's territory to numerous forums and discussion spaces, the press media and even museums and festivals. The main discussion must determine, as in any other collective system, who elects those who elect, and by whom and why are those who validate validated?

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