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Serendipitor. Sentient City Survival Kit
Application for smartphones
Mark Shepard

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Serendipitor is an application for mobile devices which forms part of a collection of devices brought together under the name of Sentient City Survival Kit. The function of this toolkit is to facilitate survival in the "sensitive" city that we will inhabit in the near future.
Serendipitor uses the GPS and the mobile's Internet connection to help us to travel around the city. But today the question is not how to get from A to B, -there are other tools for this- but how to be conscious of the journey. How to stay awake and alert for what we might meet on the road.
Drifting becomes ever more difficult in a hypercontrolled world, a world where there are no uncatalogued or unlabelled areas, a space without coordinates.
Serendipitor offers us a shield of noise and futility against face of the technological re-territorialisation of the public space and the idea of efficiency, confronting the notion of cost.



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