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We AR in MoMA
Intervention site-specific. Augmented Reality
Sander Veenhof
Mark Skwarek

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On 9th October, 2010, Sander Veenhof and Mark Skwarek issued a public invitation to the opening of an exhibition in various showrooms of the MoMA in which they would display their works. However, to see them the viewers needed to use a mobile device which served as an intermediary -or prosthesis- which allowed them to be seen through an augmented reality application. What is unusual is that although their works were in the museum, none of the curators answered for them. As there had been no physical intrusion they couldn't be stopped, for their works, in spite of being "hung" in different rooms of the museum, were digital works, and therefore immaterial.
The summoned spectators, using their mobiles, mixed with the museum's usual spectators, ended by generating a kind of performance.
The action places a virtual layer over the real layer. On a symbolic stratum -the museum- which is mounted on the physical stratum -the building- a parasitic symbolic stratum -the virtual. It is made real -as real as the other symbolic stratum- if we are able to decode it. That is, if we have the relevant codes to "see it": cultural codes and computer codes.
The curatorial space is intervened, and so is the museum space: two groups of spectators mixed together, two official announcements, two exhibitions, one happening.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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