:// work in NETescopio:

Tumbarumba is a piece of code, a browser extension -available only on Firefox at present - which alters the pages visited, intruding on our reading of them, unobtrusively but unstoppably.
Although its access mode is not clandestine, for users install it themselves, once inside our browser Tumbarumba infiltrates the text on the pages, imperceptibly replacing random paragraphs with others from stories by twelve contemporary writers, merely because they share some words with the original text. At the same time, this parasitic text becomes clickable, and, by clicking on it, more intruder text appears on the page, until, after a few more clicks, the entire text is replaced by the story.
In a strange promotion strategy, like a Trojan horse, the invader wears the perfect camouflage: a skin made from letters, the same letters, but in a different order. We only notice when it is too late, when we have already read it and it has become part of our mind.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
[ netescopio @ gmail.com ]
A project by MEIAC
Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo