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Cult of New Eve
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The project Cult of New Eve is a reflection upon the appropriation of religious rhetoric by science, taking it to towards a hypercontrolled, biotechnological Utopia, which justifies submission to its technocratic commandments.
This website ironically presented a hybrid, half institutional and half devotional, intended to establish the cult of the new Eve and develop the new technology that will guide us through the process of the second genesis, -if the first was the result of error or miracle, the second will be planned and designed by man. The Web will also serve to prepare the uninitiated for coping with the rapid changes that will come and for the new functions of future children. And also to warn us about the enemies of the cult and false prophets.
Science has occupied spaces previously in the domain of religion. The decoding of DNA has replaced the study of the soul. We could go even further and say that DNA has replaced the soul. Biotechnology and genetic manipulation and the mystery and power that they have, convert science or, it rather, the corporations that profit from it and finance it, into the new sorcerers, into the owners of the future.



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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