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DDK (Disturbance Developer Kit)
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The Electronic Disturbance Theater

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On 10th April, 1998, the anniversary of the death of Emiliano Zapata, The Electronic Disturbance Theatre began its campaign to stop the Mexican government's war against Zapatism, in a new theatre of operations: the World Wide Web.
By means of the distribution of an attack tool against government websites, and following a schedule of tactical operations published on "The Thing", one of the first mass synchronized operations was carried out on the Internet.
The DDK was composed of an application in Java which sent an order for a soft drink several times a minute to the Zedillo website, and in this way prevented enquiries. Reports indicate that more than 8,000 people from various parts of the world took part in this first action by FloodNet. Beyond the discussions which later arose about this type of strategy, we must stress the context in which this action was carried out and the precedent it set of using the Internet as a tools for collective action, which would subsequently grow exponentially with the arrival of social networks, which, for example, was decisive in the so-called Arab Spring. The action by the EDT was the first virtual sit-in and a first call for public attention.



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