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In Mexico City, perhaps more than in many other cities, disparate historical layers are tangled together and certain narratives have imposed themselves upon others. Like a fractal image all cities, with their streets names and squares, perpetuate other spaces in the country itself and the world, along with dates and great events of the past, and, especially, the dominant ways of understanding the underlying reality of society. But this monument, handed down by the successive victories of the successive authorities, undergoes daily symbolic wear and tear, and the re-signing and re-engineering of its spaces. With these coordinates Rogelio López Cuenca offers us his particular cartography, but first warning us that it is "a disorientation manual for travelers and readers at home", an "altergeography" made in the No/w/here workshop of Mexico City, directed by Rogelio López Cuenca at the Spanish Cultural Center of Mexico City in 2010, the bicentenary of Mexico's independence from Spain, and the centenary of the Mexican revolution".



Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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