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Protocolos. Comentarios a la ciudad pantalla
Online Visual Essay
Azahara Cerezo
Mario SantamarĂ­a

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The visual essay -described by its authors as a cinematographic story for reader-viewers-is a project that operates online, combining text with images from different sources that are updated in real time -webcams, IP cameras, CCTV, streaming video- that circulate over the Internet. Quotations from authors like Italo Calvino, Michael Sorkin, and Paul Virilio work like notes jotted down about (and on) the city, how it is organized, its architecture, its constant transformation. Reflections which, like film subtitles or an off-camera narrator's voice, guide us through a plot which becomes fictional -unexpectedly and in real time- and which regenerates itself and takes on new meanings in each "showing".

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