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F.U.C.K.- ID. Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence
3D model for printing
César Escudero Andaluz

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Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence is a stand-alone device capable of cutting undersea Internet cables. It is available for free download in .stl files, for subsequent 3D printing. Once attached and installed on the submarine cable, the paddle located at the top will make the necessary resistance to drive the pendulum that holds the saw. In an estimated time of weeks, the gentle movement of the sea could cut a 60 mm thick cable.

The work allows us to visualize the fact that the Internet is a vulnerable medium, the result of political and power alliances that, in their current state, tend to favor mass surveillance, the interception of "Big Data" and the monopolies of large corporations. In this dystopian present, Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence serves as a trigger to imagine other ways to escape this situation of control, and to give back to users the ability to decide about their data and their privacy.

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