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Hack hustle historicize
Constant Dullaart

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This website is part of the "dull.life™" series. In it, the artist immerses us in the aesthetics of companies or entrepreneurs who aspire to have an "Internet presence" that is always in line with the fashion dictated by marketing trends, generally aspiring to be elegant and at the same time boring - the artist here makes a play on words with his own last name: dull, boring, in English.

Using post-Internet strategies, he extracts from the screen, images and "objects" that he displaces to the physical exhibition space, to stage a networking space that he offers "as a project incubator in a strategic location in Amsterdam", forming a disturbing landscape, a non-place of crossover between the physical and the digital. A non-place that seems to coincide more and more with our aseptic contemporary everyday life. 

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