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André Sier

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"k." is a free adaptation of the imaginary experienced by K. in Franz Kafka's The Castle, which immerses the user in a dizzying journey through infinite navigable random spaces, in a labyrinth of 3D visual interactive spaces.

K, the main character of the book, must arrive at the Castle to request the necessary authorizations for the fulfillment of his work, but is forced to wander indefinitely through the bureaucratic labyrinths and social networks of the place. The castle is a play about alienation, bureaucracy and also the endless frustrations of man's attempt to confront or adapt to the system. The play brings these tensions to a 21st century setting, where the struggle takes place on a battlefield where the rules are imposed by the computer code itself, within a labyrinthine black and white binary landscape of absolute machinic abstraction.

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Concept and curatorship: Gustavo Romano
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