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Máquina Cóndor
Poetry machine
2006 - en proceso
Demian Schopf

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Máquina Cóndor (Condor Machine) consists -in its most recent version, version 4.0, of 2016- of a relational model composed of three consecutive operations that are replicated recursively:

A) Real-time search in 12 newspapers for 333 keywords related to war and economy.

B) Online consultation of the purchase and sale values of the dominant currencies, those of former African colonies, the Middle East and the countries where Operation Condor took place, and of those natural resources that are important for the Chilean economy (copper, gold, lithium and water).

C) Interspersion of 9 words - coming from the lexicon of surgery, anatomy and forensic medicine - in the first stanza of a "memento mori" by Luis de Góngora (De la Ambición Humana, 1623). The arrangement of these words depends on the results of A and B.

These mortuary poems respond to cause and effect relationships where war and economy, bios and pólis and logos are combined.

As the artist himself makes clear, the poem is not just one of the resulting stanzas, but all the data synchronized in unison, the relational structure of this poetic machine, desiring machine and war machine, which constantly feeds back on the information it receives from the world.

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